Our Services

Remediation and Environmental Restoration

Our site heavy civil in-house capabilities help separate us from the typical environmental contractor that handles your typical emergency response, tank removal, minor excavation or soils handling work. Combining the environmental know-how, regulatory knowledge and our heavy site civil background provides a more experienced contractor that can handle the complex projects in-house. RC&D believes that we fill this role extremely competently and provide very competitive services as a streamlined small business in the Northeast.

Site Remediation
  • Complete Excavation Services
  • Mechanical Dredging
  • Soil Stabilization / Fixation
  • Materials Management
  • Hazardous Materials Stabilization
  • Waste Disposal / Recycling
  • Groundwater Dewatering and On-site Treatment
  • System Decontamination and Dismantling
  • Collection Trenches and Cutoff Walls
  • Remedial System Installation
Landfill Capping & Construction
  • Landfill Capping & Construction
  • RCRA Cap construction (HDPE, clay, betonite)
Wetlands Restoration
  • Freshwater & Saltwater
  • Wetlands Excavation & Construction
  • Mechanical Dredging
  • Materials Management
  • Wetlands Soil Mixing
  • Wetlands Planting & Replication


RC&D specializes in site work typically under the heavy site civil, utility and marine classifications. Our abilities include the following:

General Heavy Site Civil
  • Site Utilities (Water, Drainage, Culverts, Sewer)
  • Excavation (GPS Capabilities)
  • Deep Excavation
  • Excavation Support Systems
  • Excavation Dewatering
  • Backfill, Compaction & Grading
  • Sheetpile & Piling Installation
  • Building Demolition
  • Site Demolition
  • Materials Processing
Marine Civil Work
  • Mechanical Dredging
  • Sheetpiling/Cofferdams
  • Embankment Construction
  • Outfall/Utility Construction
  • Dewatering
  • Sediment Management
  • Jetties/Revetments
By-pass Pumping
  • Sewer/Drainage By-pass Systems
  • River By-pass and Pumping
  • HDPE Pipe Fusing
  • Diversion Construction